PCAI is a Social Enterprise dedicated to promoting the Ceramic Arts

…we provide opportunities for everyone in the community to participate and engage with Ceramics and Artistic play, regardless of what age or past experience.
With our team of experienced and passionate ceramic artists, our mentoring and workshops will take you to your next level of artistic creativity.

PCAI  provides access for community engagement around all forms of handcrafted arts, ceramics, clay and sculptural forms – including acting as a space and resource for community projects and partnerships with tertiary arts institutes, schools, and community organisations. PCAI caters for all ages and the diverse communities of Parramatta and Western Sydney who wish to partake in creative projects, skills development and production.

…we are a vibrant and enthusiastic group of ceramic artists

….. keen to explore our craft and share it with the wider community.

Our Vision

The vision to develop a ceramic arts enterprise was born out of the combined drive and initiative of the founding members who wish to achieve the following:-
To establish an artist-run and owned social enterprise business to provide employment opportunities for artists and associated stakeholders

  • To provide a local arts venue for the benefit, input and participation of the general community.
  • To provide disadvantaged and marginalised members of the community with creative and social engagement that may  lead   to  employment.
  • To establish a creative hub for production of artwork in the Parramatta area
  • To pool resources and buy ceramic materials at wholesale prices
  • To work locally and save fuel and travel costs.
  • To add a vibrant cultural and tourist attraction to the city of Parramatta

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