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Pop Up Shop Parramatta

We have closed the Pop Up Shop in order to concentrate on providing services at our newly completed Clay Cliff Creek Studio. Thank you to all who have made the shop such a great success.



What is a Pop Up Shop?

Jointly funded through Parramatta City Council and Arts NSW, Pop Up Parramatta is a project based on the highly successful Renew Newcastle project and focuses on:

  • injecting creative enterprise and creative infrastructure into unused shop and office spaces in Parramatta
  • to renew the city space
  • promote the region
  • build and promote the creative community
  • to stimulate and support creative enterprise


Parramatta clay and Arts incorporated was fortunate to be selected to participate in this project from the very start in July 2011.


Where are we now?

Stay tuned for new location in Parramatta



The income from our sales has provided feedback / market research for our artists around pricing, marketing strategies, taking custom orders, info about  product style, colour texture , utility , which items sell well and why others don’t.

Artists can take this information to modify or replicate popular lines of work.   


Shop 3 Terms and Conditions re sales / working in shop etc

When you join PCAI as a member (details available on member’s page) you have an opportunity to sell your work in the shop if it meets with our selection criteria. Terms and conditions are available in detail, on joining PCAI. As a rule, if you’re selling work in the shop you’ll be required to put in 1 to 2 days per month managing the shop front. A friendly induction process will give you the confidence and outline the tasks associated with the sales process.


Income for Artists

PCAI takes 20% commission on all sales. That is, if your sale is $100, you get $80 and PCAI gets $20. As a not for profit org. this money goes back into the Association and pays our rent and electricals.

Our artists have a sales outlet for their work, on a weekly/ yearly basis, which is a rare opportunity in the heart of the city. 



Head Quarters

It’s been fabulous having Shop 3 in CBD of Parramatta as our HQ. It’s given us a name and a face. We have a following of return customers looking for handmade and unique items.  It’s been amazing how many people have searched long and hard for a certain ceramic piece, who are delighted to meet with the artist and purchase that custom made request.


Workshops in the Shop

We have conducted a few children’s programs from the shop, but as any seasoned potter knows, clay is messy and needs a lot of table and shelf space for processing between manufacture, drying, reworking and firing. For this reason and manual handling to kilns located off site, we don’t run many workshops from the shop. But we are open to non-messy, small manufacture that doesn’t require the above. E.g. It would be an ideal space for jewellery making, Poly clay, or precious metal clay classes. 


Featured artist program and Exhibition Space 

Parraclay has a featured artist program which enables an artist to feature their recent work in the shop front window. In addition to this Pop Up project and PCAI will sponsor the launch/ opening for your exhibition. To participate as the featured artist you are also required to run a workshop and or provide a related artist talk. If you are not a PCAI member you can also participate, but conditions apply. 

For more details about the program contact us.


POP up Shop Additional benefits  

In addition to all the above mentioned benefits as a participating artist (member) of PCAI you will have access to the Pop Up project mentorship, training and workshop program. Information is personalised to our needs and is provided by industry experts and experienced business advisors. Information to date has included arts marketing, product development, promotion and online development and networking opportunities to build individual and PCAI profile.