Each session is 2 hours duration –  Monday July 4 to Wed July 13

5 + age          10 am to 12 pm          8+ Age          2 pm to 4 pm

Fun and creative workshops where the students will make and decorate clay sculptures  in  a variety of themed workshops. All classes are conducted in a safe environment taught by experienced clay artists. Sculptures are left to be fired and parents are notified when the sculpture is ready to pick up.

Limit of 10 children per class, so don’t miss out.

Please bring: old t shirt or apron, covered toe shoes, drinking water and a snack for short break (no peanuts please)

If your child has medical or behavioral needs, parents /carer needs to stay for the duration of the class.

Please see program below and make your choice of session.

5+ Program

Monday  4,  10 am to 12pm Tues 5           10 am to 12 pm Wed 6          10 am to 12 pm
Funky Feet Egg Cups Pinch Pot  animal  jars Funny Furry Friends
After making pinch pots , children will add feet and hands to make a one of a kind egg cup to treasure . This will be coloured and fired. From jars and bowls children will embellish with animal features such as beaks , nozzles and big eyes to create a unique animal pot  Children will be creating furry clay beasties from clay and coloured slips .

 5+ Program

Monday 11      10 am to 12pm Tuesday 12   10 am to 12pm Wed 13    10 am to 12pm
Myrtle  The Turtle Wind Chimes and wall art Terracotta growing gardens
Turtles will be sculpted from pot forms. Tails , feet and head will be added to make your very own Myrtle the Turtle for your room or garden A variety of shaped with holes in the them will be sculpted from clay and decorated with colour . These will be join to chime in the wind once fired Terracotta pots are capable of absorbing water and children will be making face or animalpots that  grow sprouts (hair)  from their heads!

8+ Program

Monday July 4    2 pm to 4 pm  Tues 5    2 pm to 4 pm  Wed 6    2 pm to 4 pm 
Crazy Fish Wall Hangings Little Brick Houses Altered Forms
Children will make big fish shapes from flat slabs , colour them and embellish with  eyes teeth , gills etc to be hung on walls A little city shall be created in this workshop. using clay slaps , tiny houses will be sculpted and decorated. Children will work with leather hard clay and alter wheel thrown pots to create their own unique standing vessel. The pots will them be  embellished , coloured and textured

8+ Program

Monday 11    2 pm to 4 pm  Tuesday 12    2 pm to 4 pm  Wed 13    2 pm to 4 pm 
Supercalafragilistic Shoes Winter Whales & Polar bears Goggle eyed pots
Using clay slab children will learn how to shape and pinch clay into shoe forms to make designer or pixie shoes. In this workshop children will learn how to make winter animal forms.  Pieces will be decorated with colour and texture. Using pots that have been cut in half, children will add crazy eyes and feet to make functional but comical vessels for everyday use in the home.
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